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What's in my suitcase?

Tips on how to pack for your international travel or YWAM DTS.

1) Lightweight.

We can not stress #1 enough. If you pack it you have to carry it. The more lightweight items such as compression pillows and sleeping bags the better!

2) Rolling Backpack.

Hard cased suitcases with wheels are great for making your way through an airport and straight to a hotel, but are not super helpful for dorm style living or traveling to remote locations. We recommend a rolling hiking backpack that can be stored in small spaces, wheeled through airports and worn while travelling.

3) Mix and Match Clothing.

As you only have a limited amount of space in your hiking backpack we recommend you pack neutral clothing items that can easily be mixed and matched with each other to get the most looks out of your wardrobe.

4) Rolling your Clothes.

We do understand that this sounds a bit funny. But you would be surprised how much extra room you have when you snugly roll your clothing.

5) Quick Dry Fabrics.

Although they might cost a bit more up front, we belive they are worth the extra penny. Our top two quick dry purchases: 1) Underwear 2) Towels

6) Baby Wipes or Hand Sanitizer.

Facilities with soap or toilet paper will not always be available to you when traveling internationally, or even cultural depending on where you are. Having a packet or wipes or hand sanitizer can help you with peace of mind.

7) Money & ID Pouch.

We always say it is better to be safe than sorry! We recommend a small investment in a ID / Money pouch for bank cards, cash, passport etc. It can be very hard to recoup lost items.

8) Cash in Hand.

Always bring some extra cash just incase you don't have a foreign bank or ATM near by. Exchange rates are often better when you use larger bills. We recommend 50 dollar increments so you don’t come home with unused foreign currency.

9) Stickers & Ballons.

It is almost guaranteed that if you are doing a missions trip you will interact with children. Stickers and balloons are a great ministry tool and gift. They are inexpensive and super light weight!

10) Buy souvenirs at the end, not the beginning.

As space is limited, we recommend you purchase suveniers at the end of your trip rather than the beginning, that way you won't have to carry them around with you for the entire length of your trip. You may also have a little extra storage space as you use up your supplies.

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