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As soon as I think I have a status quo, God does something new!

By Anne Scheuvens

What can I report about my DTS? Do a DTS, kids! Every week brings with it new experiences and revelations that are life changing. As soon as I think I have a new status quo, something new will come again.

I feel as though I am at the beginning of everything that can be learned in the Bible. In “Character of God” teaching week, we recognized God's faithfulness in his word and thus understood that he really was, is and will be “always the same”. Much information is now reality, a lot of misinformation cleared up and a lot uncovered in ourselves. Last Friday we ended the week with a ministry time: joint thanksgiving, praise / worship, mutual gifts (with things that God puts on our hearts for someone else), discarding things that carry too much weight in our lives and keep us at arms length from God, taking up new promises, confession and repentance, worship, communion...... it felt like new life! One of my classmates gave their life to Jesus for the first time. The change since that moment ..... madness! From the Jesus-knowing rebel to the Jesus-loving, dreaming, liberated young man!

I am so grateful. In the last week I have recognized so much of God's heart that I put everything in front of Him during ministry time - knowing what it all can mean. I now know that I want to proselytize - in whatever form. As well not only do I abandon the future that I have imagined and the supposed security - in truth I choose the best possible life by being with God, hand over everything and let Him decide - It's not easy, but it will be worth it. I am convinced of that.

Last week I had a big break. For over a year I have heard from God: “Dance!”. When I got to YWAM Nanaimo and was cheered by other people who said: "I believe God wants you to dance with Him" (of course without them knowing about it), I started the week before last (alone) with: laughing and crying. It is so liberating and my whole attitude in worship has adapted to that liberation. It's cool.

Now I get up on weekdays at 5 a.m., on weekends at 7:30 a.m. - without any problems - I read in His word and put everything in front of him..... read in His word and put everything in front of Him....... I put everything in front of Him. I have to say it so often because it is so important. People like to get their rights back during the day - and I no longer want that. I had an important conversation with our first speaker, who always comes to our open worship evenings on Tuesdays. Since then, I have been walking knowing the importance of prayer for one another. Therefore, not only Bible reading and listening prayer are part of regular activity, but also prayer for others and preferably a few people who also pray for me.

It is difficult to summarize without going into too much detail, so I will stick with this final statement for now: Do a DTS, no matter how old you are. It's great when your longing is to get to know God better, and there is a place and space for you to do it!

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