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Kyrgyzstan Team Update 2

Here is the latest update from each team. Both teams have been getting more opportunities to serve as their schedule starts hitting full stride.

Bishkek Team

They are continuing to grow in using the Kyrgyz language so that they can grow in their effectiveness during their ministry times. There is a solid team that organizes and plans the English teaching lessons that the team has been able to come alongside of and plan with.

They have also been able to partner with a man who has been reaching out to an at risk community living in extremely poor conditions in the city for the past 4 years. The team needs to be cautious working in this area by going in with a few people at a time so that they can be safe. Two team members handed out coal to the families in this community so that they can use it to stay warm over winter. Along with their contact, they got to pray with a woman that they met during this time.

On Saturdays, the ladies of the team join one of the host leaders at their house as they open up their home to have a time to connect with other Kyrgyz women. It’s a space where the can be vulnerable and share their life stories with each other. Pray that there can be some genuine relationships formed in this time and that Christ can be revealed to these ladies!

Naryn Team

They have been able to cut their teeth teaching English at a local library. Their sessions are in the evening. There’s a good structure and topics that they revolve around but overall, it seems like there is an eagerness within the students to hear from each team member about their personal life. A rapport is being established with the regulars which now opens up further opportunities of connection that the team can make through soccer, hiking and fishing.

A lot of the “ministry” for the team is coming out of community engagements and personal relationships that they are forming. Most of the outreach will be spent in this region, so that means the team can invest deeply. The team got to witness the Prime Minister unveil a new statue in the town they are in. One of the people that joins the team as they go around Naryn is a young Muslim man. He enjoys spending time with them so please keep that connection in prayer that Christ may be revealed and a torch would be lit in him that can continue growing and lighting new torches.

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