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5 reasons why travel with friends is best.

I have been traveling internationally with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for over a decade now. Usually as part of their DTS program. I have been on solo trips, as well as trips with 1-2 people, and trips with large groups of 10-15 people. There are certainly pros and cons to every size of travel entourage, but traveling with a group of friends is definitely my favorite.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love traveling with groups of friends:

1) Different perspectives & experiences

When traveling with a group you have tons of decision you will have to make. Where to eat, where to stay, how to travel (train, plane, automobile), etc. Whilst in a group it might take slightly longer to make decisions, but you now have ample opportunities to do things and go places you wouldn't normally have chosen for yourself if you were alone.

2) You don't get lonely

Now this one might seem obvious, but if you have ever had to travel for any length of time such as an 18 flight or 48 hour road trip you will certainly appreciate this one. When traveling with a group there is always someone to talk to, share your earbuds with or find the nearest bathroom together. Traveling along can often mean binge watching movies or staring aimlessly out a window - which are both great things. However, having someone to help you pass the time is always a bonus in our books!

3) Fun

Travel is fun and it fills that wanderlust so many of us have in our hearts. Let's face it, there is trueness in "the more the merrier". Hanging out and traveling with others is just more fun. You may even have an inside joke or two by the end of your trip.

4) Treasured Memories

Not that there isn't space in our memory block for "me time at a cafe" but I think it is safe to say that our most treasured memories often include others.

5) Safety in Numbers

Like our teachers always told us on field trips, stay in pairs. Being in groups can help us have a sense of feeling less vulnerable, and can help us feel like we have a safe haven. We have individuals beside us that will be instantly aware if we are missing or away from the group and need assistance.

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