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  • Tessa Fuiava

Why I decided to defer college for a YWAM DTS.

I had just finished my first year of college when I received an envelope in the mail, it was a SCHOLARSHIP for the following year! I had officially obtained Deans Honours. I was so excited, all those late night study sessions had paid off! I was already enrolled, and the next semester wasn't too far away.

I really enjoyed going to school. I loved my teachers, my classmates, my campus. I felt like I was thriving. There were of course the challenges. I grew up in a Christian home and here I was in a secular school surrounded by every opportunuty to step off the straight and narrow path: gossip, competition, drinking, smoking, parties, boys. You name it, it was just part of the daily scene and it was inviting.

Whilst I was in college I had an amazing friend named Trish. She was on staff in YWAM, and I just happened to be living with her mom. One night after skyping with her, I had this overwhelming sense that God had something else for me. I jumped on the computer and read all night on YWAM, DTS, vision, mission, etc.

I could not shake this question "could this be essential to my future?"

I pondered all night on this.

I researched.

I googled.

I asked myself all sorts of questions and made all sorts of statements to myself: Doing a YWAM DTS could set me seriously behind in life. It costs too much. I would have to forgo the scholarship. What would my friends think? What would my family think?

So what tipped the scales? What made me print off the applicaiton and apply for DTS that night?

God gave me a different perspective and I knew that doing a DTS would help me better understand who I was called to be and my purspose in life.

I knew God desired to strengthen me, to grow a personal relationship with me, and reveal his character to me. I knew the Lord wanted my feet to be so firmly planted in him, that when I was surrounded by oportunities to step away from him I wouldn't want to.

For more information on Discipleship Training School click here.

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