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3 tips for Fundraising

1 ) Be upfront -

There is nothing worse that showing up to what you thought was a casual coffee between friends, only to find out it is a business meeting. So tip number one - be upfront with your audience. Don't be obscure, don't beat around the bush, don't invite them out for coffee - pick up the phone, tell them you would like to meet with them to discuss finances. This gives them the opportunity to prepare themselves and pre-think about the pitch they are about to hear. Also don't be vague with your needs and what you are fundraising for, if you are raising $100, tell them you are needing $100.

2) Be prepared -

If you are asking people to support your cause, vision, mission etc. you should be able to tell them exactly what that is, and why you need finances. You should come prepared with a completed budget, know your end goal, how much you have, how much you need, etc. You should also have multiple avenues to express this depending on your audience - digital, hard copy, etc. Finally, you should have the options for them to donate ready to go and well laid out (PayPal, GoFundMe, Bank Details, etc.).

3) Face to face -

If you are trying to raise $5 or $5 million you had better be prepared to put in some face time. Online campaigns will only get you so far, real face to face conversations with individuals will go a long way when pursuing people and asking them to join your team of donors. Don't worry or be too nervous - worst case scenario is they say no.

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